Your dreams of watching Comedy Central and laugh till you go out of breath on your Google TV have been destroyed. Why we say that? Well Viacom the owner of the said properties, which are without any doubt hugely popular channels, has decided that it won’t be playing nicely with Google TV or should I say it wants to stay away from Google’s newly launced web TV service. In simplistic terms, Google TV devices won;t be able to stream content from Viacom’s owned properties.

Comedy Central, MTC, Nickelodeon, VH1 are few of the many Viacom owned properties that won’t be available for your viewing pleasure. If you attempt to try your luck and stream a full length episode onto your powerful Google TV, you will come across a message which goes like this

sorry this content is unavailable for your device.

Yes, there are hacks more commonly referred to as user agent fix which in decent terms are workarounds for you to watch anti Google TV content on your web enabled TV.

Another interesting fact to note here is that Viacom is not the first to shut off its content streaming doors for Google TV. Fox has been found guilty of performing a similar feat which I am sure didn’t go down well with the search engine giants.

[via GTVHub]



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