Have we got a treat for our Aussie readers or what? If you live in Australia and own an Android device, then you might want to remain glued to your handset this Wednesday as Google intends to bring their highly productive Google Maps navigation system onto your smartphone.

The reason why this should have you all excited is that it will bring turn by turn navigation directions for you to help you get your way around the country you love and are proud of . What’s more it will make sure that you avoid traffic jams to the most which is just the way you like it.

Australia is one of the last countries to get this navigation based app. Launched back in October 2009, Google Maps Navigation brings cool features such as 3D views, turn by turn voice guidance and automatic re-routing enough to have you wanting for the app.

Google Product Manager for Maps, Andrew Foster will be unveiling the app at Google’s headquarters in Australia and will be taking the audience to an official tour of the app which will be exciting to say the least.

[via Neowin]



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