Well it is a very common problem that after paying for a service or app on iPhone which does not satisfy the customers, the customers tend to get annoyed and need their money back. Well there are a couple of methods which followed could actually be helpful in refunding the amount spent on your iPhone App.

The first method involves the following steps:

  • Launch iTunes
  • Click the iTunes Store
  • Login to your iTunes account
  • Click on the email address in the upper right corner
  • Click on ‘purchase history’
  • Select the app for refund
  • Click on ‘report a problem’
  • Fill out the form showcasing the disagreement and issues with the app
iPhone app refund
In case the above method fails then Apple’s web form could come into use.The important issue is that the complaint should be genuine and reasonable which would result in a refund. This refund policy which is new in the block will also work for other devices from Apple Inc. like iPod, iPad.



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