The long awaited iOS update for the Apple’s mobile platform has finally been made available to all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, who have anxiously been waiting for this particular iOS update. More specifically, this update caters primarily the iPad users, who have been promised some serious features in this update, features that are bound to make the iPad experience more impressive. Let us see what iOS 4.2 has to offer.

This update, as mentioned earlier, will generally be more appealing to iPad owners, due to the fact that the iOS 4.2 brings more than 100 promised features from the previous three versions of the iOS combined to the iPad. More specifically, this update brings multitasking to the iPad, which will now allow users to use several applications on the iPad simultaneously and will also allow seamless and instant switching between these very applications without having any significant effect on the battery life of the iPad. Consumers will surely rejoice now, as multitasking is most definitely the need of the hour.

Apart from multitasking, another sought after feature lands on the iPad, which is the gaming social network, Game Center. Unified inbox and app folders also make their way on the iPad. Other highlighted features are AirPrint and AirPlay. It was sort of a downside of the iPad as printing content wirelessly wasn’t supported. Apple solved that issue with AirPrint, which will now allow all iPad users, to effortlessly print any content that they want to, with AirPrint enabled printers such as the HP Photosmart, HP LaserJet Pro and HP Officejet. Another good feature is AirPlay, which gives the iPad the ability to seamlessly stream music, photos and video to Apple TV, it sure is something that many people would love.

Apple’s iOS has been a phenomenal success, with numbers claiming that the iOS has 125 million users worldwide and that these users have access to 40,000 purpose built apps for the iPad. iOS 4.2 will definitely be appreciated by the large number of people, that use the iPad.

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