Samsung will making their next Galaxy Tab coming with dual core CPU and Quad core GPU.Samsung will use their own Orion ARM Cortex A9 processor and use an ARM-based quad-core Mali-400 GPU in next tablet…..

The next generation Galaxy Tab Android tablet could use a newer, faster dual-core processor that will be custom made by Samsung using a reference design based on ARM technologies. While current Galaxy Tab uses a customized version of the single-core ARM Cortex A8 reference design with a fast graphics processor.

Orion will utilize the faster dual-core ARM Cortex A9 reference design with an ARM-based quad-core Mali-400 GPU. The information was reported by DigiTimes, though the publication did not specify where it had obtained its sources. As newer tablet rivals are or will be adopting dual-core chips from NVIDIA known as the Tegra 2, which will provide better graphics and processing power, Samsung’s move to the Orion design with integrated quad-core GPU and dual-core processor would make sense. Given that the Android Galaxy Tab tablet just recently launched.




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