Pure Twilight Alarm Clock

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The Pure Twilight Alarm Clock is touted as the world’s first combined dawn simulator lamp and digital radio that brings together the best in light therapy and the choice and ease-of-use of digital radio to deliver the ultimate bedside experience. This alarm clock comes with several alarm settings, giving the user the choice of waking to a tone, a digital radio, an FM radio, or special alarm tones including “church bell” and “cockerel”; or natural sounds including “wind chimes”, “dawn chorus” and “cicadas”. The device also uses several bright LED lights to mimic a gentle sunrise before the alarm kicks in, allowing you to slowly wake up instead of being jolted up by a nasty alarm. What’s more, the Twilight also provides a PowerPort, which enables users to charge their cell phones or PMPs. The Twilight Bedside Digital and FM Radio with Mood and Wake-up Light is now available for around $200. [Pure]



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