Own a T-Mobile G2? If Yes, then stay right here as the news which we are about to share with you is of utmost importance to you. WiFi based calling option is coming to your Android handset via a software update of the OTA (Over the Air) kind.

This news comes via TmoNews gang who as always were helped by a leaked internal document which contains a hanful of information. Besides the WiFi calling option, which is of course the center of all the attraction, you will be getting the Internet Tethering option as well which will definitely prove handy at some time.

Here’s the official lines of word for the curious ones:

To provide our T-Mobile G2 with Google customers the best experience with their smartphone, a new software update will be sent to customers November 3 through November 8. The software update will be sent via Over the Air (OTA) update to all T-Mobile G2 smartphones, and will include the exciting new Wi-Fi Calling for Android feature.

To prepare yourself for the update, keep your Wi-Fi on and take the battery meter of your smartphone to the maximum level because you know you will need it get the WiFi call enabling update.



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