The Xbox LIVE is all in the news these days, from the much awaited Xbox Kinect to the newly rolled out dashboard update, this news just doesn’t stop. Now, has announced that its Xbox service will now be functional with the all new Kinect motion controller.

The president of CBS Music Group, David Goodman said:

Working with Microsoft to develop and launch the updated app which is optimized for Kinect navigation, provides users with an innovative, and engaging music discovery and personalized radio experience powered by’s recommendations on a next generation entertainment gaming platform

Using the Kinect motion controller system, listeners who use the service on the Xbox will be able to control their music via both voice and motion. To queue a station, the user can hover their hand over the respective title. Voice commands such as “Xbox, play,” and “Xbox, stop,” can also be used to control the audio.

How the with Kinect functions at large gatherings where there is too much voice commotion, still remains a tough question to answer. We’ll just have to see how it turns out to be. The Xbox Kinect Bundles hit the stores from today onwards, as of November 4, 2010.

Via Mashable



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