Digitimes is at its rumor sharing ways yet again, which is what we expect from the China based publication. According to the information received by Digitimes from their sources who work for the notebook players, Samsung, Acer, Asustek and Toshiba have expressed interest in NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chips and plan to use it in their upcoming Tablets.

Besides the big players, regional brand vendors in China, Germany and the UK have expressed interest in Nvidia’s Tegra 2 platform which will definitely please the company. And look who is driving the interest, it is none other than the magical iPad whose strong and awesome sale records have made people believe in non-Wintel platforms and are helping demand for platforms such as Android/ARM to grow.

With Tegra 2 receiving so much attention, one just wonders what has made notebook players shift their focus and attention to NVIDIA’s hot chipset? Here’s your answer:

Tegra 2′s strong graphics performance and supports for Adobe Flash and 3D games are the drivers for brand vendors and tablet PC makers to decide to adopt the platform; meanwhile, Nvidia is also offering price discounts in the hopes to boost up its market momentum, the sources noted.

Tegra 2 chips are expected to power half of all ARM-based tablet shipments in the coming year.

[via Digitimes]



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