Apple TV Update to 4.1.1

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Apple on Tuesday released Apple TV software update 4.1.1 for the second-generation Apple TV for fixing some issues with TVs displaying the incorrect resolution and a downloading problem where movies or TV shows are re-downloaded.Software update 4.1.1 added AirPlay support and fixed some performance and connectivity issues……….

The 4.1.1 update purportedly solves “an issue that causes some high-definition TVs to incorrectly display at 480p,” as well as an issue that “may cause a movie or TV show to be re-downloaded.” It’s pretty obvious that Apple’s aiming to correct a nagging color / banding problem that has been plaguing some owners since day one, but according to users over at Apple Insider’s forums, it’s not a cure-all solution. A handful of members have stated that their set typically using an HDMI-to-DVI adapter still display incorrect colors after the update.



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