CLEAR Modem With WiFi Shipped

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CLEAR Modem With WiFi Shipped

CLEAR has finally launched a new modem for use with its WiMAX service. Targeted at home or small-office users, the CLEAR Modem with WiFi features an integrated WiFi b/g/n radio for sharing the 4G connection with multiple users, the Beceem BCS5250 WiMAX chipset, an internal (omnidirectional) 5dB average gain antenna, an Ethernet port for hooking up a wired computer and a WAN port for using the router with a cable/DSL modem. The CLEAR Modem with WiFi is now available for $120 outright or $7 per month leased. It is available with month-to-month or two-year agreements, with service plans starting at $35/month (plus tax). CLEAR Voice can be added for $15/month (plus tax). [CLEAR]



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