Palm is planning for a big 2011 and is expected to deliver several new handsets and a tablet and WebOS tablet will be coming from HP in March of 2011……..

We already knew that HP planned to release a tablet PC running webOS, the operating system it acquired when it purchased Palm.BMO Capital Markets analyst Keith Bachman says the device will debut in March.From East Asia. A group of BMO analysts including Bachman recently met with more than 30 tech-related companies in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. The analysts summarized their findings in a Dec. 13 call with investors.

The device will stand out as the first to run Palm’s webOS operating system, which was originally developed for smartphones. To date, HP has released one tablet, the 9-inch Slate 500 which is based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system and targeted at the corporate market. The Slate’s business focus and relatively high price tag ($799) has left Palm fans and industry watchers eager for a webOS tablet.




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