HTC Aria gets Android 2.2 firmware over the air (FOTA) update and your phone will receive a notification of FOTA update when it’s available.You have just simply press OK to accept update via a data connection such as Wi-Fi or GPRS/3G and ater installing the update, confirm a successful update by confirming the Build number (From the Home Screen go to MENU> Settings> About Phone> Software Information> Build number)……….

The HTC Aria is one nice little Android phone and it’s even better when such a phone gets an update.HTC’s support page for Southeast Asia now reports availability of an over-the-air update to build 2.37.708.5 for the phone and Sense UI bearing phone received an update.This Android 2.2 Froyo update is tethering, improved enterprise support, and some serious performance boosts.

Update includes:

  • Firmware Over The Air Activation (FOTA) capability implemented
  • Bluetooth Update
  • Calendar Fix for recurring meetings: When recurring meetings are modified on the device, they are not syncing the changes with the Microsoft Exchange Server

The new Build number after the update will be 2.37.708.5. Update: Android 2.2 and HTC Sense update. You have to back up your data first before upgrading your phone and you may recommend using a free Wi-Fi hotspot or an unlimited data plan to apply this update.If you don’t, standard data connection charges may apply.



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