Do you still remember the Kaleidescape M500 and M300 Blu-ray players that we posted in May 2010? The company is back with a new device called the Modular Disc Vault that works with either the M500 or M300, allowing you to store your favorite Blu-ray films for instant playback. You can enjoy a Blu-ray movie, without touching a disc, from any M-Class player while its disc remains safely in the vault. The Modular Disc Vault holds 100 Blu-ray discs and connects to the Blu-ray player via a USB cable. The system automates the entire importing process and has a front slot for the discs. The Kaleidescape 100 Modular Disk Vault is now available for $1,495 in the United States and Canada, while the M500 and M300 Blu-ray player are priced at $3,995 and $2,495, respectively. [Product Page]



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