It looks like every other technology giant is jumping on the internet tv platform. Initially there was Apple with the Apple TV, which has recently been updated. Then we have Google TV, which already struggling as it is, due to banning of provision of content from major providers and now, a brief Reuters report gives an inkling that Microsoft is all set to provide on demand video content through the Xbox, as the company is currently in talks with HBO and Showtime to broadcast and sell content through the Xbox.

Xbox, primarily is a gaming console, and a good one that is, considering the fact that Xbox has gained immense popularity with the niche gaming market. So using this very platform to provide quality on demand entertainment to users who already own this console, seems a very good move; however it should be kept in mind that Microsoft already offers ESPN through Xbox Live right now.

Interestingly enough, these consoles have brought latest technologies to the homes of millions of people who purchased them, seeing how The PlayStation 2 brought the DVD player and the PS3 the first ever Blu-Ray player to people worldwide, while not denying the fact that these devices some of the first to stream Netflix. So the idea of watching on demand versions of original shows and exclusive movies might be appealing to some, whereas it would be wrong to assume that people will start shifting to such platforms completely.

However, this platform is indeed gaining popularity with consumers and advertisers alike, and for Microsoft this move just might prove to be a beneficial one. Providing content via the Xbox will massively benefit both HBO and Microsoft, as the former will get a phenomenal amount of user base for their programming and Microsoft will emerge as the company that changed the way people watch tv altogether. We hope these reports don’t turn out to be mere rumors.

Via TechCrunch



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