More than a decade ago, Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft introduced to the world an entirely new concept of computing which was the tablet PC. Since then, the company has tried quite hard in order to gain traction with these very devices. However, the tablet boom really kicked off when rival company Apple brought the magical iPad to the market, and dominated it so quickly that there was no other tablet to be found, other than the iPad itself. However, now it looks like Microsoft wishes to change that by unveiling some consumer-ready devices at CES next month and the word is that CEO Steve Ballmer is up to the task himself.

The New York Times reports:

Next month, at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft will give it another try, presenting a slew of new slates that it hopes will offer some competition to the Apple iPad, which has quickly become the leader in this market – According to people familiar with Microsoft’s plans, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, is expected to announce a number of these devices when he takes the stage at C.E.S., showcasing devices built by Samsung and Dell, among a number of other manufacturing partners.

It is high time that Microsoft decided to present rivals to the iPad, which has literally dominated the tablet market in all terms. However, there are no early reports telling as to what exactly these yet to be unveiled devices will be featuring, considering the fact that people possessing knowledge of these devices are not authorized to speak publicly by Microsoft or partnering companies and Microsoft itself declines to comment on these devices.

Do you think what Microsoft has in store for us; can really be the iPad’s back-breaker? Let us now in your comments below.

Via NYTimes



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