FroYo and apps like Angry Birds on the Barnes & Noble e-reader is possible but it’s not easy : If you install hack Froyo, the Nook recognizes it, but it’ll shut down immediately.Now Barnes & Noble confirms Android 2.2 FroYo update for Nook Color and coming to market in January……..

Barnes & Nook Color e-reader has made it into the headlines when the hacking community showed us that a comparatively cheaper Android Tablet is hiding behind this thin eBook Reader. We have even seen the Angry Birds running on it.The good folks at the hacking community have indeed told us how to get it rooted to have the Android Market and the stuff in the Android 2.2 running. Many who tried this hard way of getting the Froyo enabled in their Nook Color.

Enabling Froyo needed disabling the device’s normal battery monitoring processing. However, it is this normal battery monitoring that helps the Nook Color to find if the batteries are overheating and if so to prevent them from going to a critical stage.Many rooting and hacking guides for the Nook Color had a big banner warning for the less adventurous to wait till an easier way is developed. It came out at last, it seems. Barnes & Noble has recently confirmed the Nook Color will be getting the Android 2.2 treatment in January.




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