Password Vault

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Online store Hammacher has started selling the Password Vault that secures account information for website addresses, usernames, passwords, and ATM PINs, and stores them for immediate retrieval. Unlike password information stored on a computer, your passwords are safely stored offline in the vault’s memory, ensuring sensitive information can never be compromised. The gadget can store up to 400 account records, eliminating the risky practice of leaving passwords on notes under keyboards or using one password for all accounts. The Password Vault hides all of your secret information behind its own password, which you could also quite easily forget. In case the device is misplaced, lost, or stolen, five unsuccessful attempts to access your accounts will lock the device for 30 minutes. You can also reset the device to erase all of your secret data. The Password Vault retails for just $49.95 each. [Product Page]



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