Rumour is flying through the internet that Microsoft is planning not only an update or two coming very soon, but a large update codenamed ‘Mango’ is in the work for this coming Fall.The update is said to be big enough that it could be a Windows Phone 7.5 update and will be the largest update between Windows Phone 7 and what could be Windows Phone 8 (Codenamed ‘Apollo’) coming in 2012.

The minor update will bring bug fixes, performance enhancement and some new feature like Copy/Paste, but the major update “Mango” will add the features like:

* Silverlight run-time
* HTML 5 support to Windows Phone 7
* Far Eastern language support

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is delivering the pre-show keynote on January 5th. One could assume that there would be other minor updates before Mango is released in the fall. Foley also mentioned the possibility of a Windows Phone 8 (codenamed Apollo) launch in late 2012.



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