Sewell has rolled out the HD Deck SW-31000 USB to HDMI Display Adapter. The device carries the top-of-the-line DisplayLink chip that guarantees smooth performance on your secondary displays just as if the display were connected to a true video port on your computer. For your info, the USB 2.0 interface supports around 480 Mbps of transfer rate, which is more than enough bandwidth to provide top-notch video connectivity. The Sewell HD Deck’s driver also supports Hi-Def video and DirectX. This enables you to easily do just anything from photo editing to normal surfing the internet, watching movies and playing select games that support DirectX, such as Starcraft 2. Installation is as easy as using the included CD to install the DisplayLink driver and connecting USB and video cables. The Sewell USB to HDMI SW-31000 Display Adapter retails for $99.95. Watch the video after the jump.



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