Skype For Android Get Updated

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Skype for Android is now updated, it’s brings ability to run SD and Samsung Galaxy S compatibility.This update upport for installing the app directly to your the phone’s SD card and now work properly on Samsung Galaxy S phones that are running Android 2.2 or later…….

Skype for Android now works on Samsung Galaxy S and can be stored on SD card.The biggest change in the new software is its ability to run from a microSD card rather than the phone’s internal memory.Skype says some data will still be stored in the phone’s local memory, but allowing the app to run from a microSD card means users can free up space on their device for other apps/content. The update also makes Skype compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy S line of Android phones. Both of these changes require Android 2.2 and up in order to work properly. The latest version of Skype is a free download from the Android Market or by scanning the QR code, below.

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