YouTube is hands down the best service online for uploading videos as it is used by just about anyone having internet access. YouTube’s dominance can be substantiated by the fact that the service has over 1 billion subscribers, a number which most definitely is huge. However it seems that YouTube just loves bringing good news our way as yesterday we told you that the service has set upon eliminating video upload time limits for a select variety of users, read the full story here. Nevertheless, it can be pretty tricky to find stuff that interests the user as the service experiences uploading of 35 hours of video every single minute. YouTube has just brought us the answer to this dilemma.

To cater to that problem, YouTube has now launched a “Trends” page, through which it hopes to eliminate this problem by showing the most popular videos and topics that are being shared on the site, as well as off it. So now, users wouldn’t have to wade through a plethora of videos that they would be least concerned about; as this page would help significantly reduce the search time by presenting users with the content they would actually be interested in watching.

So what exactly is YouTube Trends? Well the service is essentially an analytics hub for the video-sharing site which depicts feeds showing videos which are popular on YouTube itself and are embedded on several other websites. Trending topics will also been shown, which are generated through common metadata. There’s also a feature called “4 at 4″ which shows four buzzed-about videos two times a day along with a Know Your Meme-esque blog to analyze said videos and also a dashboard which will break down videos by demographics such as age, gender, location etc.

The YouTube Trends page will definitely be welcomed by the massive number of users which use the service every day, as it will make it easier for them to navigate through less interesting content to find the videos of their choice.

Are you excited about YouTube Trends Page? Let us know in your comments below.

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