Comodo Console For Car

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Start-up Iway Mobile and Cellcom launced a communications, internet and entertainment system for the automobile, the Comodo Console with three-dimensional navigation.Comodo Console is the first in car touchscreen device to offer drivers with always connected Internet……..

Comodo Consol is only product that combines features of SMART von, GPS, Handsfree Bluetooth, music player, rear camera and dozens of Web-based applications services environment adapted car driver.Comodo have 4.3-inch screen high resolution with depth. The interface contains hundreds of three dimensional design icons, the device designed at the highest quality finish in the high.A wide variety of worlds that provide a perfect solution for every need and craving: Hundreds internet radio stations, built-in MP3 player, Israeli Playlists Latin, dozens of TV channels, a variety of applications and safety services.

COMODO equipped console hardware, software and the world’s most advanced computing: a touch screen, powerful processor, GPS, filters background noise filtering, Multi Tasking capabilities, RF antenna and improve the quality of reception.Navigate to anywhere with a receiver the GPS navigation software advanced three-dimensional iGo 8.You can use the best navigation useful way, such as the nearest gas station, navigation based on traffic, finding the shortest path and other.Comodo is was developed with an emphasis on driver safety and environment: operating in two clicks, a permanent connection to the vehicle, rear camera, blocking video content while driving, panic button, warnings of hazards or objects before the road and alerts the deviation at the ride.




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