Compulab fit-PC3

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Compulab created another mini powerhouse fit-PC3 with dual-core AMD power in a case less than an inch thick.Compulab fit-PC3 features AMD G-series T56N Fusion Zacate processor……..

Fit-PC3 is world’s smallest computer and this computer is manufactured by the Israeli company CompuLab.The tiny computer has a slimmer design and hardware specifications that are similar or possibly exceeding the performance of a netbook.Compulab fit-PC3 width of 6.3 “x 6.3″ and only 0.98 “thick, it has a dual-core processor and HD capabilities through an HDMI output and it is completely fanless.This computer features the AMD G Series processor which provides dual-core 1.6GHz processing with high graphics capabilities using AMD Radeon HD 6310.The fit-PC3 comes in several configurations with a choice between AMD APU G-T56N 1.6GHz or G-T40N 1.0GHz to be launched on May – June of this year.




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