Double U USB Port

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Double U USB-plug concept designed by Ma Yi Xuan and this USB plug work no matter what direction you cram it into that port.Doble U USB is defferent from the tradtional one and has a USB symbol on each side, meaning that in both sides it can be plugged in to transmit data……….

Double USB-plug concept design eases one of the most annoying inconveniences that humans suffer in the modern age.In this USB, designer was trying to stick USB plugs into sockets and getting them the wrong way around.Double USB-plug can be plugged in any way you like, thanks to an intricate and easy-to-break system of internal componentry.Regular USB plug has half-filled with the plastic part containing the contacts, but the Double USB has two of these, filling the entirety of the metal tube.Both sides of this USB are spring-loaded, so whichever one is redundant in a given orientation will simply be pushed back as you plug it in.




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