Windows Phone 7 based HTC HD7 is popular for it’s mega screen size of 4.3 inches.But it comes with some limitations specially in internal SD card.It has internal SD card of just 8GB which is comparatively less than Samsung Galaxy S which has the internal card of 16 GB.XDA forum member Wolfman017 has managed to replacing/upgrading the internal SD Card.

It’s not for all hands. Also, make note that this would definitely violate the manufacturer’s warranty and thus you take the steps at your own risk.

All you would need to accomplish this is your HTC HD7, a class 2 32GB SanDisk Micro SD card, torx screwdriver, a small plastic card, tweezers and a piece of paper.

Head to XDA thread where the developer has shown step-by-step instructions of how to upgrade HTC HD7 SD Card to 32GB.




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