HP is likely to launch its long awaited Slate PalmPad running on WebOS on February 9.There was news about the Conference that HP holds on February 9th. Now it’s almost certain that it would also be an event of HP PalmPad Tablet’s launch.The tablet device will be based on the webOS operating system acquired with the purchase of Palm.

However, Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP’s Personal Systems Group, hinted strongly in an interview with CNBC that the “broad set of public announcements” it will make on the day will include a tablet launch.

“We are totally focused on the tablet market and enabling that with webOS. The tablet is one piece of that connected experience that we are going to create,” he said. “So on 9 February we’ll have a broad set of public announcements about the future of webOS and the breadth of products it will enable.”

“It’s the first truly web-based operating system, different from anything on the market today,” he added. It’s very feature-rich with products like Synergy, which allows you to access multiple accounts simultaneously. It’s the only true multi-tasking operating system where you can have 20 different applications open simultaneously.” It indicates that Company believes that this operating system would be able to challenge Google’s Android Honeycomb based Tablet and Apple’s iPad.

Anyway HP hasn’t confirmed the launch of the Device yet but it’s surely going to be an announcement and will bring out more info about the HP PalmPad Tablet.

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