The Korean giant, Samsung is an all-time favorite in Indian mobile phone market. Their smartphones are also sold in large numbers everywhere in the nation. Now, Samsung is about to launch their new smart phone in 2011 called Samsung Forte. The company has not officially declared the price and releasing date of the mobile yet.

The all new Samsung Forte can be defined to as the 1st 4G based mobile phone that came into market. So it is based on both CDMA as well as LTE which means Long Term Evolution (otherwise called to as 3GPP Long Term Evolution). In CDMA, it is based on 800, 1700/ 2100, 1900 bands and in LTE, it is based on 1700/2100 bands. The design is a slider model with a QWERTY keyboard. The display of the phone has got a touch screen with multi-touch; proximity sensor and light sensor are available. Since the mobile phone is based on CDMA, then speed of data transfer will be very high.

Samsung Forte

The operating system is the most popular Android 2.2, with a Hummingbird processor. The processing speed is 1000MHz, so it is definitely a true work horse. Even though it is based on 4G network, the Forte has got only one camera and no option is left for a secondary camera. The phone has just one camera equipped with 5 mega pixel lens and auto focus. It also got a music player, video player and YouTube player. The Samsung Forte also provides location based services through GPS and the main feature includes turn-by turn the location based devices are available; The Forte has got mobile phone based on acid rain.

Samsung Forte

Samsung Forte has got a capacity of storing unlimited number of contact details and the other memories are possible to be changed. The memory can be expanded up to 32 GB through a website. The phone has got Bluetooth 3.0 which makes the Forte outstanding when it compared with that of the other phones that are introduced by the company. The feature like accelerometer, language, makes it to stay in a superior level in the mind of the use and he will be impressed with all features of the Samsung Forte.

Since being a phone from Samsung, it cannot be anything wrong to be happened for the 1st ever 4G based mobile phone. Thus it makes the phone which it was needed to among various enthusiasts. They company might be expecting a strong opponent from Nokia within a year’s time.



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