Nioncom MemoryKick Vision

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Nioncom announces Android-based MemoryKick Vision with pico projector.Nioncom MemoryKick Vision showed off at CES earlier this month into an actual product and the company insists that it will hit the US market sometime in the second quarter of the year………

NionCom announces the official introduction of the MemoryKick Vision tablet, a device for media management, business productivity nd gaming applications.This ablet is an extension of the MicroVision Arrow mini-tablet shown at the CES in Las Vegas in early-January.MemoryKick Vision is designed to be the ultimate productivity tool. A user can load all their business documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ImageAMMO), photos and videos on one device for use anywhere. Files can be rapidly transferred between several storage locations.

Nioncom MemoryKick Vision has the capacity to store hundreds of hours of video due to the fact that it has a 500GB to 1TB hard drive and allows easy connectivity to a television via its HDMI port.A generous 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen allows for easy management of files, browsing the internet, gaming and access to many unique applications.MemoryKick Vision tablet also includes applications for streaming live television content through Wi-Fi connectivity. Even VOIP-based phone calls can be made on the device.




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