Phase One has officially announced three new medium-format digital camera of IQ series, called the Phase One IQ180, the Phase One IQ160 and the Phase One IQ140.These three digital cameras are ideal for professional photographers.


* 80 megapixel CCD sensor
* 3.2-inch retina (like iPhone 4) touchscreen display
* Screen resolution of 1.15 million pixels, 290 ppi, 16 million colors, and a 170 degree viewing angle
* Provides CaptureOne and automatic sensors
* Sensor+ mode sensitivity (up to ISO 3200), ISO 50-800, and 1GB buffer memory
* USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 interface

The new Phase One IQ180 digital camera will be available somewhere in April to May 2011 with a price of about $43,990. In addition, the new Phase One IQ160 and the IQ140 medium format digital camera has brings 60.5 megapixel and 40 megapixel image sensor respectively.




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