Ubuntu On The Nook Color

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XDA Developers member ‘devastatorx’ ported Ubuntu Linux onto a rooted Nook Color e-reader.Essentially, his inspiration came from the Ubuntu hack on the Nexus One. To get Ubuntu, simply download the necessary files for your (already jailbroken) Nook Color and follow the short coding instructions.

With its 7-inch colour multi-touch touchscreen the device makes for a comfortable fit running Ubuntu, with most major desktop applications benefitting from the near-normal screen resolution.

In the past, color has taken root corner before making the change of image that some people demanded, as Android Froyo 2.2 OS, and even Android Marketplace. If Android OS is not your cup of tea, and then Ubuntu may just be.

The full guide on how to install (and deal with) Ubuntu on the Nook Color can be found on the XDE Developer Forums in this thread.




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