V3 Gaming PC today released two new gaming computers, the Convoy and Convoy 3DS. Both gaming desktops feature an assortment of Intel second generation Core “Sandy Bridge” processors and Intel P67-based motherboards from which customers can select based on their budget and desired performance. V3 Gaming PC’s new Convoy Dark Fleet chassis provides ample cooling and expansion capability for the configurable components. Three 120mm white-LED fans and a single top-mounted 140mm fan circulate air throughout the case, and in conjunction with the V3-standard liquid cooling setup make for a very thermally efficient design. The Convoy and Convoy 3DS can be setup with an Intel Core i7-2600K processor, high-end SLI graphics configurations, up to 16GB of memory, solid state hard drives, Blu-ray optical drives and a USB 3.0. [Press Release via PCLaunches]



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