Casio and Skullcandy jointly launched the G-Shock X Skullcandy DW6900SC-1CS watch. The clock on the DW6900 with a glossy black body and adds electric blue and black detailing. It has led to a band graphic scaled by the volume lever on a stereo or a mixer.

It features a scaled band graphic inspired by the volume lever found on a stereo or mixer. An eye-catching red SKDY logo appears in the EL backlight, while the iconic skull dominates the back case with the slogan, “The Audio Resolution”.

The Casio DW6900SC-1CS G-Shock X Skullcandy features shock resistance, water resistance to an incredible 200 meters, flash alert, multi-function alarm, countdown timer, 1/100 second stopwatch and 12/24 hour formats. It costs $169.95.




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