Yesterday Pod2G discovered another untethered exploit for your iDevice, and it even appears GeoHotz has an untethered exploit of his own. MuscleNerd has claimed through a tweet that Geohot might release a new untethered jailbreak in the coming weeks. This new untethered bootrom level exploit can be used to pwn iOS devices like iPhone 5, CDMA iPhone 4 and iPad 2 for life. Possibly, he might release a new jailbreak tool “Rubyra1n“!

Another thing that seems interesting about GeoHotz proposed untethered jailbreak, is it is an iBoot level exploit. Thus meaning that it is a lot more useful to the jailbreaking community, because it isn’t as easily patched by Apple, compared to a userland exploit.

Take a look at MuscleNerd’s tweet below

@pod2g (for instance I think geohot will release his iboot-level untether for certain devices after 2/10/11, if there’s a void)

Reading MuscleNerd’s comments it appears we could be getting at least one new untethered jailbreak for at least some devices sooner rather than later.

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