At the Honeycomb event Google just put the Android market Online. The Market will now be available for browsing online at The aim of the site is to make finding apps easier, something that has long frustrated Android users. Before today, Android users have had to find and download apps solely via their mobile devices.

The new website will allow friends to recommend apps. You can grab a URL directly from the Web Store and link it to a friend, taking them directly to the page. Developers will be able to upload YouTube videos that can promote their apps, allowing greater insight than we’ve had previously.

You can tweet your Android Market choices. If you happen to follow the link via over Twitter via your Android device, you’ll be taken directly to the Android Market, instead of to the website.

Android users could only download and install apps from the Android Market app on their phone. The new Android Market web store features a carousel that shows a variety of popular and featured applications. The app detail page will feature high detailed pictures of the application in question so as to lure more users. Android users can directly purchase/install the app from the web store and the app will be directly installed on your Android phone.


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