The recent innovation of phones is showing no sign of ending as new and spectacular phones keeps on hitting the market every now and then. It was just recently when HTC released its two new models of handset phones which are Facebook integrated through a special key on them. The two handsets which are HTC salsa and HTC Chacha are just an example of what we may expect to unfold in the future.

HTC Salsa
The HTC salsa phone has the following features, a fantastic 3.4 inch touch screen with a display of HVGA (480×320) resolution. Another amazing feature for the photo takers is the 5MP auto focus snapper with LED flash which produces clear images and clarity. A 600MHz processor and 512 RAM makes it much faster and be able to produce results just in time, with that speed and memory there is almost nothing that this phone can do. Be it browsing or watching streaming music from the net. This is further enhanced by the connectivity of quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and a dual band 3G which is just one of those phones referred as a dream phone. The phone is slim and comes in black and dark grey colour.

HTC Salsa
The HTC Chacha phone on the other hand has an awesome look to with the following features. One of its outstanding features is the full four raw QWEARTY keyboard for texting, it’s much easier to use with also an addition of the 2.6 touch screen display with a display of the same HVGA resolution. It has also the same 600 MHz processor which makes it more convenient for browsing and messaging. It is also good for social networking site which require the phone to have integrated application. Lastly it has a camera with 5MP and LED flash making it best for photographs as well as to shoot good mobile video. This phone comes in a metallic colour and also is slim phone.

HTC ChaCha
There are various phones feature which are not written here but both the HTC Chacha and HTC salsa phones have for instance they are running in the latest software of android of 2.4 Gingerbread. The phones are specious in that they have been developed to serve the ever increasing users of Facebook. They have an integrated Facebook button which is a short cut to the main page. With it you can chat upload pictures as well videos on the users profile making them more friendly and complete for a Facebook geek.

The HTC Salsa and HTC Chacha phone are to be released later in the second quarter of the year.



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