A radio-controlled helicopter enthusiast in Sweden decided to mod his tricopter recently with a fireworks gun and it consisted of roman candles mounted on the tricopter with remote ignition controlled by a bit-switch……….

Swedish R/C enthusiasts built this first-person flying contraption to carry out a single mission destroy a series of hydrogen-filled balloons which will hopefully be hard-coded into future automatons too.This is the remote bit-switch ignite the roman candles attached to the tricopter.This system have a 12ohm 1/4W resistor and a match-head. When connected to 12V the resistor draws 1A which means that it has to deal with 12W of heat (I^2*R=1*1*12). The resistor is rated for 0.25W (1/4W) and thus heats up so much that it ignites the match-head.It’s designed to be safe and reliable. First you need to arm the unit and then you need a two hand grip to fire either outputs.

ScreenShots :

Thanks :rcexplorer.se , engadget.com



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