iBuyPower Chimera XLC

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iBuyPower announces availability Chimera XLC sports Core i7 and featuring an industry leading 240mm liquid cooling system.iBuyPower Chimera XLC made for hardcore and it encompasses XLC liquid cooling system and supports up to 7 fans…..

iBuyPower a leading innovator in gaming PCs, is excited to announce a new addition to their XLC (Extreme Liquid Cooling) line Chimera XLC – the third generation of iBUYPOWER’s signature gaming line inspired by the mythical fire-breathing beast. The new scorching hot flamed painted chassis stays cool with the most powerful no maintenance cooling system currently available, featuring a huge 240mm radiator. Along with the 240mm radiator, Chimera XLC includes a 200mm fan and five 120mm fans enhancing the systems cooling ability.Equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and the recently released NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card for an introductory price of $1,599 the Chimera XLC is ready to battle right out of the box.It’s superior cooling system makes those high end components eligible for iBUYPOWER’s exclusive Level 3 Power Drive Overclocking service which increases CPU speed by as much as 30%.




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