iPod nano With Nike+

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Those looking to use their iPod nano as a watch with Nike+ have so far been left with few options beyond the DIY route, Watch band-maker HEX now looks set to change that with its new Sports Watch Band compitable with Nike Plus set to debut in April………

HEX is excited to announce its newest high quality iPod nano Gen 6 watch band – HEX Sport Watch Band.HEX Sport Watch Band protects and stores the iPod nano during intense workouts and features a NIKE Plus port for added functionality.The Sport Band features a Pop in, Pop out design for easy insertion of the iPod nano.The watch band gives full access to all iPod nano ontrols via its integrated control buttons. The fashionable and functional watch band is made of perforated premium silicone for added breathability and comfort during athletic activities.
The HEX Sport Watch Band will be available in April 2011.



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