XDA-Developers member gojimi created a hack for the ViewSonic G-Tablet which will let them run some of the Eden firmware from the Notion Ink Adam and also eight app is ported to G-tab,these will be usable on any ROM theoretically………

Since some earlier customers are having problems with the Eden software, but if you want to throw caution to the wind and try the Eden UI on a ViewSonic G-Tablet.Now you can get Adam’s applications on G-tab as the devs over XDA have extracted them from the Adam firmware.These apps have only been tested on Viewsonic G-Tablet as of now, but in theory they should work on any Android tablet.

App Include :

  • Calculator – full screen calculator with scientific function keys
  • Calendar – nice loking full screen calendar
  • Canvas – app for drawing or painting
  • Keyboard – Notion Ink’s keyboard app
  • Mail’d – email app based on K-9
  • QuickOffice – version of the QuickOffice suite for Android that’s been optimized for tablet displays
  • Sniffer – file browser and app launcher that provides detailed information about your device
  • Web browser – Notion Ink’s custom web browser (which will replace the stock Android web browser)

To Download Notion Ink Apps For ViewSonic G-tablet : Visit




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