Crunch Gear has reported that Sony is said to be actively entertaining plans to introduce a so-called “hack-proof” PS3. At a time when Sony is spending good money to bring down the man we know as Geohot through the legal system, it’s safe to say that companies mean business – more so now than ever – when it comes to curbing piracy and software hacking/modding.

According to the report:

Exactly how Sony would make this new PS3 “hack-proof” is anyone’s guess. The fact is there’s no such thing on this planet as “hack-proof,” but that’s not to say Sony couldn’t implement new security measures that would take a long time to circumvent. Let’s not forget that it took nearly four years for the PS3 to be cracked. At the same time, any new “hack-proof” PS3 would naturally attract plenty of attention, so who knows how long it would remain “hack-proof”?

Rumor suggests the new PS3 would replace all currently existing PS3 SKUs. However, that won’t make the device hack proof, it will perhaps make it more secure and less prone to vulnerabilities which will take long enough to implement. Rumor further suggests the device, priced at $300, is going to come with 300GB hard drive, which is a lot of space for limited content.



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