A new update for Windows Phone 7 is expected today. The official Windows Phone Blog has confirmed this news. Unfortunately, this is not the long-awaited copy-and-paste update. For that, we still have to wait until March. No, this new update updates Windows Phone 7′s update mechanism. It’s an update to allow next month’s update to actually work properly.

This first update for Windows Phone 7 to be released today is meant to improve the software update process. This may seem to be less exciting, but it is a crucial step in getting future updates to the handset as smoothly as possible.

The update will be available today, but will not be sent out to everyone at once. Rather, it will be released in batches to users of Windows Phone 7, to ensure that the process goes smoothly. In order to get this update, you must connect your Windows Phone handset to the Zune software on Windows or the WP7 Connector for Mac and you will be guided through the update.




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