ASUS ThunderboltEX PCIe Card

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ASUS ThunderboltEX PCIe Card
ASUS has showed off its new ThunderboltEX PCIe card at Computex 2012. The ASUS ThunderboltEX PCIe card is connected to a graphics card or onboard graphics via DisplayPort, allowing you to combine Thunderbolt with a powerful graphics card. This add-in card is compatible with 10 ASUS motherboards such as the P8Z77-V Deluxe, P8Z77-V, P8Z77-V LE, P8H77-V, Sabertooth Z77, P8Z77-V Pro, P8Z77-V LE Plus, P8-Z77-V LK, P8H77-M Pro and Maximus V Gene. The company will release the ThunderboltEX PCIe card later this month for approx. $200. [Toms Hardware]



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